Voice is the new blood

At Akuity Care, we analyze people's voice to detect and monitor diseases by identifying vocal biomarkers using innovative AI algorithms

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Workflow of detecting clinical outcomes using vocal biomarker and Akuity's artificial intelligence algorithms
Vocal Biomarkers

Extracting medical patterns from voice is becoming a reality

Number of publications related to vocal biomarkers, speech biomarkers and voice biomarkers

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'vocal biomarker' or 'speech biomarker'

Our team

Grégory profile picture of vocal biomarker company Akuity Care
Grégory Lista
CEO, Co-Founder

Grégory has over 15 years of managing experience in the health and pharmaceutical industry at companies like Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Lundbeck and Roland Berger

Adrian profile picture of vocal biomarker company Akuity Care
Adrian Ahne, PhD
CTO, Co-Founder

Adrian has a PhD in AI and digital health from University Paris Saclay and INSERM. Prior studies in mathematics and computer science at the Technical University Munich and University Sorbonne / Polytech Sorbonne.

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